Golden Goodness Honey

100% Australian raw honey, direct from a registered beekeeper.

"If it isn't raw, it isn't real."

We create a variety of high-quality infused honey products.

Changing the world, one bee at a time.

Golden Goodness is a registered family boutique business. We've made QUALITY our habit. It’s not something that we just strive for – we live by this principle everyday.

We practice sustainable, natural and ethical methods which ensures that the product supplied by our bees is of the highest taste and quality.

Quality, not Quantity

Golden Goodness Infused Honey is made out of 100% organic, natural and fresh ingredients. We use 100% natural, raw honey from our own beehives.

We are a family business located in the Eagleby Wetlands area, Upper Coomera and Willow Vale between Brisbane and Gold Coast, Queensland. We are producing the best tasting, highest quality infused honey. We do not compromise with the quality of our honey or the ingredients we infuse.

Our guarantee to you is that you will love our products once you have tried them. Don't be Shy... check out our amazing range of products in our online store.

Infused honey is also known as flavoured honey. It is a delicious blend or you can say a combination made using a wide range of herbs, roots and spices with honey. Infused honey makes a great homemade gift for the friends and families in your life. Honey is HYDROPHILIC, which means it draws water from the plants/air. When fresh herbs, roots or spices are infused into the honey, it creates a syrupy mixture, thinner than honey itself, that's alive with the tastes and benefits of the herbs, roots or spices. Combinations of herbs, roots and spices are intensely infused in the honey to give it a unique taste that enhances its mild flavour as well as increasing the health benefits of herbs, roots & spices and honey. While raw honey alone offers potent medicine, infusing honey with medicinal herbs, roots and spices results in a simple, yet powerful combination. Overall, THIS IS A SWEET WAY TO TAKE MEDICINE.

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Golden Goodness